(Mistamootova) Acee Blue Eagle (Alex C. McIntosh, Chebon Ahbula) Roy Boney David Bradley T.C. Cannon (Pai-doung-u-day) Pop Chalee (Merina Lujan) Jesse Cornplanter Woody Crumbo, Citizen Potawatomi David Cusick  Dennis Cusick Talmadge Davis Frank Day Angel De Cora (Hinook-Mahiwi-Kilinaka) Patrick DesJarlait Cecil Dick (Dagadahga) Dohasan Bunky Echo-Hawk Joseph Erb Harry Fonseca R.C. Gorman Franklin Gritts Enoch Kelly Haney Helen Hardin (Tsa-Sah-Wee-Eh) Albert Harjo Benjamin Harjo Sharron Ahtone Harjo Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds Joan Hill (Cheasequah) Jack Hokeah Michael Horse Allan Houser (Haozous) Norma Howard Oscar Howe (Mazuha Hokshina) Howling Wolf Sharon Irla David Johns Ruthe Blalock Jones (Chu-Lun-Dit) Fred Kabotie (Naqavoy'ma) Michael Kabotie Kicking Bear Oglala James Lavadour Gregory Lomayesva Judith Lowry Albert Looking Elk Taos Pueblo Albert Lujan Oren Lyons Julian Martinez Mario Martinez Douglas Miles Juan Mirabal Stephen Mopope (Qued Koi) George Morrison ojibwe ojibwa Naiche Gerald Nailor, Sr. (Toh Yah, "Walking by the River") Dan Namingha Hopi 


  • Brokerage services to assist you in selling unwanted items
  • Current market evaluation or auction estimates
  • Downsizing or collection refinement consulting and assistance
  • Personal property downsizing consulting and assistance

We are familiar with the options available and qualified to make recommendations on the best markets and venues. 

 Whether building or adding to, maintaining and caring for, or refining and downsizing your fine art or other collection, we will put our knowledge and experience to work for you.  We also have services designed to help you care for and manage your other personal property. 

Art Advisory Services   Brokerage Services & Auction Estimates   Acquisitions & Confidential Representation   Collections Management   Inventories, Downsizing, Refinement   Personal Property & Art Appraisals   

Fine Art & Collection Management Services

Trails West Fine Art

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  • Consultations to assist you in defining objectives 
  • Acquisitions and purchasing assistance 
  • Confidential representation at auction or sale

We will put our knowledge and contacts to work for you as you cultivate and grow your collection.

Ila Mae McAfee Frank McCarthy Arthur Roy Mitchell Thomas Moran Dorothy Morang Lorin Morgan-Richards Dan Muller John Mulvany Gilbert Munger Charles Christian Nahl Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl Edward Otho Cresap Ord, II Bert Geer Phillips George Phippen Clayton Sumner Price George Quaintance J. K. Ralston Frederic Remington Christie Repasy Peter Rindisbacher Frank Rinehart Boardman Robinson Esther Rose Everett Ruess Charles Marion Russell Norman Saunders Hart Merriam Schultz Joseph Henry Sharp Stephen William Shaw Eugenie Shonnard Sam Smith Howard Terpning Allen Tupper True Walter Ufer John Weaver  Frederick Weygold Worthington Whittredge Olaf Wieghorst N. C. Wyeth Mary Agnes Yerkes NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTERS ​Arthur Amiotte Oglala Lakota Spencer Asah (Lallo) James Auchiah Amos Bad Heart Bull (Tatanka Cante Sica) Margarete Bagshaw Rick Bartow Fred Beaver (Eka La Nee) Harrison Begay (Haskay Yahne Yah) Black Hawk Archie Blackowl

​       Trails West Fine Art                                                                                                                        Appraisals West         


  • Consultations regarding the care and protection of your valuables
  • Condition and conservation assessments
  • Inventory generation and cataloguing services
  • Provenance or title research
  • General research
  • Identification of unknown objects or artists
  • Explore solutions to inheritance distribution
  • Explore options regarding disposition of your collection for estate planning purposes
  • Appraisals for insurance determination, estate planning, charitable donation tax dedection, or any other reason

We will assist you in managing your property for your better enjoyment and preservation for future generations.