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Knowledge of Current Requirements

Keeping abreast of changes in requirements by insurance companies and the IRS is a priority for us, so that you can be confident that your appraisal is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Fine Art 
  • Native American & Ethnographic Objects
  • ​Antiquities
  • Insurance Coverage Evaluation
  • IRS Gift or Charitable Donation
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Settlement, Estate Tax
  • Divorce or Division of Assets
  • Market Evaluation for Sale of Asset

Ila Mae McAfee Frank McCarthy Arthur Roy Mitchell Thomas Moran Dorothy Morang Lorin Morgan-Richards Dan Muller John Mulvany Gilbert Munger Charles Christian Nahl Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl Edward Otho Cresap Ord, II Bert Geer Phillips George Phippen Clayton Sumner Price George Quaintance J. K. Ralston Frederic Remington Christie Repasy Peter Rindisbacher Frank Rinehart Boardman Robinson Esther Rose Everett Ruess Charles Marion Russell Norman Saunders Hart Merriam Schultz Joseph Henry Sharp Stephen William Shaw Eugenie Shonnard Sam Smith Howard Terpning Allen Tupper True Walter Ufer John Weaver  Frederick Weygold Worthington Whittredge Olaf Wieghorst N. C. Wyeth Mary Agnes Yerkes NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTERS ​Arthur Amiotte Oglala Lakota Spencer Asah (Lallo) James Auchiah Amos Bad Heart Bull (Tatanka Cante Sica) Margarete Bagshaw Rick Bartow Fred Beaver (Eka La Nee) Harrison Begay (Haskay Yahne Yah) Black Hawk Archie Blackowl

Jackson Narcomey Lloyd Kiva New cherokee nation Diane O'Leary Fernando Padilla Tonita Peña (Quah Ah) St. David Pendleton Oakerhater (Making Medicine) Sanford Plummer Harvey Pratt (Wo-Pet-No-No-Mot, White Thunder) Joseph Rael (Tslew-teh-koyeh "Beautiful Painted Arrow) Kevin Red Star Crow Nation Mateo Romero Cochiti Pueblo Paladine Roye (Pon Cee Cee) Will Sampson Fritz Scholder Silver Horn (Haungooah) Jaune Quick-To-See Smith Lois Smoky Ernest Spybuck Virginia Stroud Carl Sweezy Moses Stranger Horse Brulé Lakota Quincy Tahoma Jerome Tiger Johnny Tiger Jackie Traverse Monroe Tsatoke kiowa six Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal) Frank Tuttle Pablita Velarde (Tse Tsan) Kay WalkingStick Pop Wea (Lori Tanner) Dick West (Wah-pah-nah-yah) White Horse (Tsen-tainte) Kiowa Dyani White Hawk 

​​​Knowledge of Current Values​
​We stay aware of trends and market changes that are so important in determining the current value of assets. 

  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation of Asset​
  • Liquidation
  • Bankruptcy

  • Collateral Valuation

  • Artist Estates & Blockage Discounts

  • ​Probate

Appraisal Services

Free, Confidential Consultations​​

A preliminary consultation to determine the client’s needs and to estimate the cost of an appraisal is offered without charge.

​​​​​​​​Appraisals For the Purposes of:

Insurance        Estate Planning        Donation        Divorce        Current Market        Equitable Distribution        Dissolution

​​​Don't need an appraisal but interested in other services related to fine art, collecting, or personal property?

Fine Art & Antiques                      Furniture & Decorative Items                      Personal Property

  • Antiques, Furniture & Decorative Items
  • Estates & Household Contents

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Each report is itemized and contains detailed descriptions, photographs and individual values for all property appraised.   Reports are tailored to meet our client's needs and comply with requirements of third-party users such as the IRS

or your insurance company.

Trails West Fine Art

​​​Comprehensive Appraisal Services

Appraisals West provides independent appraisals of fine art and personal property for corporate, educational, municipal, non-profit organizations, as well as private collectors.  Our researchers and appraisers approach each assignment with care, taking into consideration all aspects of an item and its provenance, the current state of the relevant market, and the protection of the client’s property and privacy. 

Our associates are qualified to appraise fine art, antiques, and other personal property.  Often, more than one area of specific expertise is required.  Appraisals West has associates experienced in many types of personal property, so there is no need to hire a multitude of appraisers.  If it is in the best interest of the client to hire a specialist beyond what we can provide, recommendations and referrals will be made. 

Appraisals West holds a high standard of professionalism and ethical practice.  All our appraisals are written in compliance with the current version of The Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the International Society of Appraisers’ Appraisal Report Writing Standard and Code of Ethics, and current IRS guidelines where applicable.